Lynds Den Health & Fitness hours Mon - Fri 6 AM to 10 PM  /  Sat & Sun 8 AM to 6 PM
Lynds Den Health & Fitness location 200 Dufferin Street,
Bridgewater (view)
Lynds Den Health & Fitness contact 902-530-6100

Rules & Regulations

General Rules and Regulations of Membership for The Lynds Den Use:

Personal Conduct:
Members agree to conduct themselves in a well-mannered fashion when in or on the fitness facility property, and not cause any disturbances or interfere with the safe use or enjoyment of the facility.

Zero Tolerance:
Our staff and members have the right to be treated with respect and dignity at all times. Use of profanity, verbal abuse or any attempt or act of physical violence will not be tolerated.

Anyone who has violated the Zero Tolerance Policy, may be declined use or future use of the facility (including but not limited to a Day Pass or any membership).

Behavior and Dress:
Replace all weights/equipment to their proper place after use
No dropping or slamming of weights/equipment
Please wipe down equipment after use
Leaning weights or bars against the walls, pillars, or mirrors is prohibited
Use a spotter
Be mindful when using chalk, chalk is available at the front desk upon request
Please wear appropriate exercise clothing and proper athletic closed toe footwear; guidance as to suitable attire may be obtained from staff. No sports bras are permitted.
Proper athletic closed toe footwear is required at all times in the weight lifting areas, including free weights
Please be respectful of hours of operation and ensure you have enough time to leave the club before or at closing time

Weightlifting Safety:
For your safety performing deadlifts, Deadlift Deadeners are provided and mandatory to use.

Restricted Areas:
Members should be mindful not to enter into employee areas of building, i.e., staff only areas, storage, etc.

Outdoor Shoes:
All outdoor footwear is to be removed upon entering the building. Benches and shoe cubbies are provided for convenience at the front entryway. Outdoor footwear is to remain in the shoe cubbies.

Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 6am-10pm Saturday and Sunday 8am-6pm Holidays TBA

The times and frequency of any closures in any section of The Lynds Den for various servicing needs, are subject to the discretion of the owners and employees of The Lynds Den.

Updates to the general hours of operation, or early closures which may be changed at the discretion of The Lynds Den.

Scent Sensitive Facility:
The Lynds Den is a “scent sensitive” facility. It’s dedicated to providing a healthy and comfortable environment for our employees and members. Please be respectful to others and avoid using strongly scented products before or while at The Lynds Den. Please note, that this extends to having a strong smell of tobacco or marijuana on yourself or belongings; you may be denied access to the facility, or asked to leave the facility.

No Smoking:
In the interest of providing a healthy and safe environment for our members/guests, the use of any type of tobacco products, including but not limited to cigarettes and e cigarettes inside The Lynds Den is prohibited.

Alcohol and Drugs:
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on The Lynds Den property. If anyone is believed to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, The Lynds Den reserves the right and the staff is authorized, to deny entry and/or remove that person from the property.

No food is permitted on the gym floor, stretching area, or group ex room. Water bottles and shaker cups with lids are permitted at this time, however, no glassware or open cups.

Lockers are available to use on a first come first serve basis, for daily use only, except for any designated rented locker (if applicable). You must provide your own lock and lock your locker while in use, both for security and to show other people that the locker is occupied. The Lynds Den reserves the rights to inspect all lockers, as well as to remove any lock left on locker. Any property left in a locker may be disposed of without notice.

Do not leave valuables left unprotected. The Lynds Den is not liable for lost, stolen or damaged property.

The Lynds Den is unable to hold onto personal belongings at the front desk.

Steam Room:
To be used at your own risk
Do not use is pregnant or have any health concerns
Minimum age for use of steam room is 18
Please limit your time in the steam room to 15 minutes, no more. If you begin to feel uncomfortable or have a sudden need to be cool, step out for a few minutes or end your steam session all together
The Steam Room Timer is located at the Front Desk and will be turned on, upon request, on the hour and on the half hour to ensure proper cool down of the unit
Please use caution when entering and exiting as the floor may be wet
Bathing suit or towel required
Footwear is required
No newspapers, magazines, or paper products are permitted in steam room
No cell phones permitted in steam room
No food or beverages are permitted in the steam room
Allow a 5 minute cool down period following exercise and before entering
Allow a 5 minute cool down period after exiting
Drink plenty of water before and after using steam room
Maximum occupancy is 5

A membership card will be issued to each Member when they join. Your card is exclusively yours and is not transferable. The member is not entitled to transfer or assign this agreement of his/her hereunder and any attempted assignment or transfer is null and void. The Lynds Den may assign this membership agreement to another company or person without notice in which case, The Lynds Den assignee will assume all rights and privileges accorded to the Lynds Den under this agreement.
Each member must have his/her card scanned for security and verification on each visit.

Any member attending The Lynds Den without a valid membership card will be required to provide proof of identification.

Membership Privileges:
The Lynds Den may terminate your membership, your entry into the facility or eject you from the facility if you commit any breach, once or repeated breaches of these General Rules of Membership for The Lynds Den Use, or if you engage in any other misconduct, including not following our Zero Tolerance Policy or being disrespectful.

Membership Renewal:
One-year memberships will automatically renew at the end of the initial term unless a cancellation form is filled out. (You can ask to cancel your membership in person by filling out a form at the front desk at The Lynds Den. This is the only method to have a membership cancelled). When your membership is auto-renewed, there will be no enrollment/administration fee.

Membership Holds:
Members are entitled to one hold per calendar year, either a one month or a two consecutive months option. It begins the day of your scheduled payment and comes with a $10.00 (plus tax) fee per month for completing the request, which will be on the scheduled payment date(s).

Please note, we are unable to offer Membership Holds to individuals with a negative balance.
Please note, only one hold per calendar year.

Membership Termination:
In the event of a 1-year contact Membership termination for any reason, (not initiated by The Lynds Den), you are able to cancel your membership anytime, in person, by filling out a form at the front desk at The Lynds Den.
There are two options for cancelling, both of which require the cancellation form to be completed. Additionally, the person who holds the membership must be the person to cancel it.
There will be a 30-day processing period for this request, effective the day it is processed (by filling out forms) the member has 30 days remaining on their membership. If a payment is scheduled to come out during that 30 day time period it will come out but all remaining payment will be voided. Full access to the facility during this period is given.


To immediately cancel, there is a fee of $50 (plus tax) and the day it is paid, is the day it is cancelled.

* Please note, that any account that shows a negative balance will need to be paid in full before a day pass or any type of access to the facility is allowed.
Membership Pricing:
In the case event that membership pricing is changed, The Lynds Den will give you at least 2 weeks notice. If you pay your membership fees as a lump sum payment, we will only review your membership fees when your membership is due for renewal.

An NSF/Declined fee of $25 will be automatically charged. This needs to be paid before membership can be used.

Age Limit:
Anyone under the age of 18 must provide the consent of a parent/legal guardian prior to entry with a signature on the waiver form in person. In doing so, the parent/guardian assumes all risk and liability of the minor during the entire time period said minor is at The Lynds Den.

Those 12-15 years of age are required to be supervised by a parent/person of legal age. If the parent/person of legal age is just watching, only a waiver form is required, however, if they are working out too, a day pass, punch pass or membership is required. In addition, the person of legal age must sign in the member not of age upon arrival at the front desk.

15 and under have access to the stretching room, cardio and pin loaded machines. They must refrain from going past the second pole (no access to plate loaded machines or free weights).

Memberships can be terminated if the Age Limit rules are broken.

Personal Training:

No member or non-member may train another member (whether for compensation or not). If it is determined that such training occurs, the trainer and/or trainee may lose their membership.

Broken Equipment, Accessories, Amenities:
The Lynds Den makes every attempt to keep the facility clean and in operating shape. From time to time, equipment/accessories/amenities in the facility will be out of order. The Lynds Den will do their best to have it repaired in a timely manner, however, this can be out of their control. To ensure safety, signage will be used to create awareness that it is currently out of order.

* The Lynds Den reserves the right to amend or alter these rules and regulations including any fees at any time at The Lynds Den sole discretion. Any amendments to these rules and regulations are effective immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to seek out any of our employees for assistance.

Please consult your physician prior to starting an exercise, fitness or wellness regimen and prior to using The Lynds Den facility.