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Our Team

Meet co-owners Mike and Allison Lynds and their excellent staff.
Lynds Den Family
From an early age Mike was involved in sports, from hockey to track and field, as well as football. It was football that led him to the gym and after a tryout for the CFL he became interested in lifting weights to increase his size and strength. As a result, he fell in love with the gym and the idea of pushing himself beyond the point of where he wanted to quit. Mike believes that lifting heavy isn’t the only way and understands that you need to listen to what your body is telling you. The more knowledge you acquire, the better your workout and thus the better your results.

Mike has earned his professional status as an IFBB Pro, the leading and top federation for body building in 2012 and has stepped on the IFBB Pro stage seven times, with the highest placing of 4th in the 2015 Vancouver Pro Show. He has been a personal trainer as well as a fitness manager in various Goodlife Fitness locations throughout Nova Scotia. Lynds Den members benefit from Mike’s wealth of knowledge on both a personal and professional level and he is always ready to help each person achieve their goals through fitness.

Mike is a dedicated husband, father and family member. He is known for his saying “Family First” and it is his life motto. He understands that everyone has something that they believe in, and that this something is what drives them to be better and push themselves to new heights. Regardless, Mike realizes that in the end the most important thing is FAMILY. We have to live in the moment and always have our loved ones in our thoughts.


In her youth Allison was active in athletics, taking a particular interest in track and field. The love of the sport drove her passion to compete at a national level in her teenage years and carried over to the university indoor track and field program.

Allison is a national level “Figure” and “Bikini competitor with the CBBF. Her first competition was in 2005, and most recently she earned a top 3 placing at the CBBF Bikini Nationals in 2015. She has been involved in the sport on many levels over an 11-year span. She has worn many hats so to speak; from being an athlete, volunteering, sitting on the NSABBA Board, and being a statistician. Allison is well known for her smile, stage presence and posing.

Allison is a “fit mom” who not only advocates for an active and healthy family lifestyle but for her two children as well. Keeping fit and balancing family life is key to her happiness and success.


Group Instructors:

Jennifer Landry – ZUMBA
Lori Brown – Yoga, Strength and Conditioning, Kickboxing & Circuit Bootcamp
Christina Palao – STRONG By ZUMBA
Deanne Oickle-Conrad – BOSU Body & Sculpt and Tone
Amanda McCarthy – Body Sculpt
Mary Ann Zandbergen – TURBO