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Our New Member of the Month…. Rick Ogilvie!

In August 2017 I was Air Ambulance evacuated from the Offshore Supply Vessel, Atlantic Osprey, where I was working as a Ships Chef. This was the second time 2 months and this time I was taken to the ICU of the Health Sciences Center in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I was immediately placed on complete Life Support. Upon awaking several days later I discovered that whatever I had developed had caused my blood to turn toxic.and almost taken my life. A team of doctors were unable to provide any clear diagnosis and I was sent home to Bridgewater a couple of weeks later to figure out how to heal myself.

This mystery illness had weakened me so much that I lost 45% of my body’s mussel mass, making everyday tasks more than a challenge. When flying home I decided that when I settled I was going to make serious changes in my life, one of which included a regular exercise program.

On August 18, 2017 I walked into “The Lynds Den” and was greeted by Tanya who provided me with a tour of the center and that was that, I was hooked and became a member that day starting my new journey of fitness. Tanya was very welcoming, not intimidating, answered all my questions and had Mike call me for some personal training sessions to get me started.

Over the past year coming to The Den has provided me an opportunity to regain my health, the confidence, strength and stamina needed to get myself back to work and loose over 20 lbs of weight, with a goal of loosing 20 more. I am truly motivated by Mike, Ali, Tanya and the whole Lynds Den family, including my fellow members. Its a pleasure to be part of such an inspirational group of individuals and I look forward to walking through the door for every workout session.