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Our new Member of the Month…… Erin Balcom!!

For me, it was all about finding life balance, or restoring it rather, when life happened. Trying to juggle a career, a house, a relationship, friends and kids, I somehow found myself, my health, my fitness and my goals last on the priority list. Like many new mothers, my main goal was making sure that everyone and everything was ok even if it meant sacrificing my “me” time. I always said IF there is enough time at the end of a busy day it would be for me. Reality, there was never enough time because I failed to make the time. I was too busy making sure everything else was done and everybody content. I went from a confident, active and fit young adult to a person I didn’t even know anymore.
Things went sideways in my life real fast. Within a 6-month window I was a single mom of 2 starting a new career. I decided instead of waking up bitter I’d do so happy, humbled and ready to embrace all the change. Both of my children are very active and involved in extra-curricular activities and sports. I realized to be the best role model I could be for them and be that parent that they were proud to call “Mom” I’d have to get back what I had lost. It was that moment I made the choice to join The Lynds Den and I haven’t looked back. It is my Happy Place, My “ME” time. The staff and owners (Mike and Ali) are always, welcoming, supportive, motivating and uplifting. Not once have I felt out of place or uncomfortable.
Today I am getting back to the New/Old Erin. Doing it for my kids, but most importantly doing it for me. To become the Best Version of myself I can possibly be.
Thank You everybody (members included) at The Lynds Den for helping me find that little piece that was missing for so long. “Family First”