Lynds Den Health & Fitness hours Mon - Fri 6 AM to 10 PM  /  Sat & Sun 8 AM to 6 PM
Lynds Den Health & Fitness location 200 Dufferin Street,
Bridgewater (view)
Lynds Den Health & Fitness contact 902-530-6100

New Member Of the Month, Leah Little!!

The Lynds Den is more than just a gym to me. It is my lifeline. Nearly two years ago, before it was open to workout, I heard Mike on the radio while driving and I made a point to detour directly there , I was so excited. I walked through those doors, met with Tanya and the rest is amazing history.

As a single mother of three boys, I work hard 7 days a week both at home and at work. Yet, I make it to the Den 5 days a week. For me, it is my therapy. I have met amazing people over the course of the nearly two years the Den has been open. I have made amazing connections, found amazing friends, met many goals, faced many challenges and seen fantastic results. The Lynds Den is a place that feels like home. The staff there is like family to me. I could be having the worst day possible and they will always pick me up. Whether it be leg day, back day or girl talk in the steam room, the Den always turns my day around.