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Member of the Month Shauna

They say that once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up. In 2016 my weight hit its highest ( hello rock, meet bottom).That winter at a trade show my dress didn’t fit. I cried. A lot. Then I covered the open zipper with a corset that barely fit and went to the show anyway.

Cue the turning point. After many different at home workouts, I made a little progress but had a hard time motivating myself and so fell right back. I felt miserable…until I walked into The Lynds Den.

Tanya made me feel at home that first day and the feeling never left. I’m enjoying every minute of it, even though sometimes my whole body hurts.

The group fitness classes changed everything for me. I found new friends that push me further than I would have ever thought. I owe a lot to Jenn ( I LOVE ZUMBA!) and Lori ( if you see this, we miss you) for not only being my friends but for pushing me and helping me along the way. Karlenes yin yoga class is amazing, an absolute must in my books. If you haven’t tried it, what exactly are you waiting for?

I look forward to coming in everyday to smiling faces of staff and fellow members and forgetting about the stresses of the day. Up till now I’ve passed some goals and I have many more to crush. I’ve got a lot of things trying to hold me back, but thanks to the lynds den, I’ve got a lot more pulling me forward.