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Member of the Month, Rodney Bruhm

Rodney is a dedicated gym attendee and his heart and soul thrive because of it.
He has committed the last 10+ years of his life to fitness in one form or another.
He finds peace in a hard workout. For him it eases the weight of daily stressors and gives him motivation to fight and work harder as each day arrives.
Rodney and I often find ourselves at the end of a long day, once our kids are fed and settled into bed, discussing his daily workout, and mine if I’ve been fortunate enough to attend that day.
The Lynds Den is new to us, having become members in January of this year. However it feels like home.
He always talks about the people he has met and the conversations he’s had with an excitement I haven’t seen in a while!
Whether it be because someone was encouraging and teaching him, or him having had the opportunity to encourage and teach someone else.
He has a place he feels he can call his own. Where family comes first. Whether it be your gym family or your family at home.
Our two boys see their father striving to better himself and stay healthy to enjoy time with them!
They also seeing a positive example that hard work pays off in so many ways!
He has certainly worked very hard and I am happy he is getting this recognition at his home away from home