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Member of the Month….. Matthew Fancey

I have always been passionate about sports growing up. I started weightlifting in High-School with friends and I loved it. In University, I started to appreciate the culture of bodybuilding and it really stuck with me. I saw it as a constant challenge for self-improvement, something that translated into all aspects of my life. More than the physical results it gave, the time I spent in the gym every day gave me a therapeutic result like nothing else. It also gave me confidence to always be my best, leading me to things I would never have imagined like studying Law in the United Kingdom.

Growing up I struggled with food like everyone else does. I had reached highs and lows in my diet attempts, but I was never able to achieve lasting success. After researching and studying diet and nutrition, I was able to appreciate the power of moderation and healthy living, leading to great success. Then in February of 2018, I reached out to Mike to help coach me for my first Bodybuilding show. It was an incredible experience that kicked my butt for 13 weeks straight, but it taught me resolve and perseverance like nothing had before.

I believe the greatest part of fitness is the inspiring effect it has on other people. After committing to health and fitness and undergoing immense physical change, my family had started to notice and become more health conscious themselves, and I was very happy to share my love of fitness with them.

I try not to take life too seriously and always enjoy making friends in the gym, and the friends I’ve made here feel so much like family it makes the gym feel like home.