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Member of the Month Shauna

They say that once you’ve hit rock bottom, the only way left to go is up. In 2016 my weight hit its highest ( hello rock, meet bottom).That winter at a trade show my dress didn’t fit. I cried. A lot. Then I covered the open zipper with a corset that barely fit and went to the show [...]


James Williams

The Lynds Den would like to congratulate James Williams on being our Member of the Month. James has been working out here at The Den since we opened our doors 2 years ago. He is a weight lifter and a Strong Man competitor who has come to be a familiar face. First and foremost, James brings a [...]


New Member Of the Month, Leah Little!!

The Lynds Den is more than just a gym to me. It is my lifeline. Nearly two years ago, before it was open to workout, I heard Mike on the radio while driving and I made a point to detour directly there , I was so excited. I walked through those doors, met with Tanya and the rest is amazing [...]


New MOTM, Parminder Singh

Member of the Month Parminder Singh! Congratulations Parminder for being our Member of the Month here at #theden! It’s the little things that make a big difference and we would like to thank you! “My name is Parminder, and I joined The Lynds Den in January 2018. I really enjoy coming to the [...]


New Member of the month…. Shaun MacDougall

” I’d like to nominate Shaun MacDougall for your member of the month! Shaun is rocking being a first time dad and he still always finds time to fit in his workouts! Fitness is very important to him and having our little baby Norah has made him even more motivated to being in his best [...]


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Member of the Month Shauna!

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