Lynds Den Health & Fitness hours Mon - Fri 6 AM to 10 PM  /  Sat & Sun 8 AM to 6 PM
Lynds Den Health & Fitness location 200 Dufferin Street,
Bridgewater (view)
Lynds Den Health & Fitness contact 902-530-6100

About The Lynds Den

Our Mission
The Lynds Den Fitness is committed to having a positive impact on our members through providing a professional yet comfortable atmosphere to achieve fitness and overall health goals of all levels and interests.

The Lynds Den Fitness will help educate and further assist members in achieving their personal or professional lifestyle goals.

The Lynds Den Family First

We believe in “Family First”
The Family First logo represents more than just one thing. It is not uncommon for people to put their goals ahead of everything else. We see it promoted all the time through social media and reinforced by words such as “sacrifice” and “all or nothing”. These two phrases are good in a sense, but if you push all aside to reach your goals including your loved ones, then who are you going to share your successes with? ALWAYS put your loved ones first.